The Little Things Matter

September 30, 2015

It's so easy to forget the little things in our life that we take for granted on a daily basis. The other day, one of my followers tweeted something so profound it's had me thinking about it constantly for the past weeks.

We get so caught up in material items that we don't realize how much we actually have. Until recently, I haven't even owned my own vehicle. I have now had a car for the past four months and I already feel myself taking it for granted. This made me really take a step back and look at everything around me in my life and focus on the good and the beauty in my life. This also made me realize that I have been so focused on material items and social media lately that I needed to get back to what has made me truly happy: photography.

I decided to redo an exercise my creative writing professor had assigned while I was in college: take a walk outside for thirty minutes to an hour without communicating with anyone (texting, messaging, talking, etc.) or any outside distractions and journal what you see and what thoughts and ideas come to you. Instead of journaling, I decided to photo-journal.

I went to the Denman Estate Park near my house and just took in all the beauty that this lovely park had to offer.

It was a gorgeous day outside and obviously the animals thought so as well.

Comment below and let me know what stresses you out and what your destressing methods are.

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