This is Halloween

This is Halloween, this is Halloween. Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

Don't mind me, just getting in the spirit with some Tim Burton in the background because it's Halloween Week! In honor of the greatest time of year, I have brought you a very special and extra long Halloween post. So grab your kettle corn + PSL and get ready to indulge in Feather + Steele's very first Halloween post!

What's on my Desk?

Whether you are a minimalist or a clutter-junkie, you are bound to have things on your desk. For some it's a few highlighters and post-its and for others it's your entire kitchen sink.

Take Me Back: ACL Edition

Feather + Steele has a new series we have created called Take Me Back (TMB), where we will post about events or places that we would love more than anything to re-live. 

Today's installment of TMB is going to be ACL or for those of you who aren't from Texas or haven't heard of ACL: Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Dallas is Always a Good Idea

This past weekend I went to the DFW area to visit my family, and was planning on taking some pictures for this post. BUT, I was so caught up with loving on my family that I never even took out my camera. So, the moral of that story is: no pictures for you, right? WRONG.