What's on my Desk?

October 21, 2015

Whether you are a minimalist or a clutter-junkie, you are bound to have things on your desk. For some it's a few highlighters and post-its and for others it's your entire kitchen sink.

I like to think that I fall somewhere in-between the two. I like my desk to look clean and orderly but I also can't survive without a few basics. Keep on reading if you're interested in seeing what I can't live without during the work day.

The first thing that I need on my desk at all times is my water bottle. It can be so easy to get dehydrated throughout the day so I like to have a water bottle right in front of me as a constant reminder.

The next thing I need is my journal. I go through journals so quickly, since I write in them daily, so I like to have at least two on my desk at all times.

I am definitely a caffeine junkie and coffee is my drug of choice. I always have a coffee mug on my desk, along with various different k-cups.

Since I drink many cups of coffee at my desk, I also have a pack of gum. Because, coffee breath is not pretty.

Going with the handwritten trend, my next item is my post-it notes. I find these especially useful at the end of my day to write down reminders for the next day.

Another item I cannot go without is my phone charger. I have mine in a stand form (connected to my computer) for my ultimate convenience.

I'm not much of a germaphobe, but especially as we enter flu season this next item is a must: hand sanitizer. I always have tons of those travel sized hand sanitizers (I even have one attached to my camera bag.) Maybe I'm a germaphobe and I don't even know it...

This next item is a necessity. Since I'm always using my little hand sanitizers, my hands tend to dry out quickly, so I always keep some type of lotion at my desk.

This next item I actually didn't even realize I needed until I found myself reaching for these and coming up short: pens and highlighters. If you're someone who likes to write things down I would suggest having a container that holds a few of the different writing utensils you so choose.

I tend to be on my phone the majority of the day. Whether it be on business calls or just talking to my colleagues (who are on the other side of the country). I like to use headphones instead of constantly putting my phone up to my face.

This next items are very useful for after lunch or if I'm meeting someone after work: toothpaste and a toothbrush. I find that brushing my teeth just makes me feel fresh and gives me that extra confidence boost at the end of a long day.

Whether I need help with headaches, allergies or random ailments it's always good to have the basic medications on stand by. It doesn't hurt that they are in this cute case.

If you don't have the time to head home to get ready after work, it's always nice to have a few items around to touch up. I always keep around nail polish, a neutral lip color and a small mirror.

Some people make fun of me for this next item, but it comes in handy 110% of the time: deodorant. I keep a travel size men's deodorant because it just works better.

It's always good to keep a snack at your desk, and what's better than these 100 calorie goodies? Cheers to Special K bars for curbing my hunger on a daily basis.

I like to have a little method to my madness, so I bought a few command hooks to add some organization to my office space.

What are some things that you absolutely NEED during the work/school day?

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