Make Art Great Again

In the five years that I have lived in San Antonio I have never been able to go to Chalk It Up. I almost thought that I wouldn't be able to check it out this year either (due to all of the random non-stop thunderstorms the day before.) Luckily, Saturday was 100% clear and perfect weather.

Kiss Test

I feel like the matte liquid lipstick trend is slowly on it's way out, but I will never retire my matte lippies. My favorite thing about liquid lipstick is that, for the most part. my teeth don't end up looking just as colorful as my lips. For awhile I even swore off lipstick because I am just not skilled in perfecting the ability to keep lipstick on my lips. It's such an awkward situation, sometimes people tell you that you have lipstick in your teeth and sometimes they don't (either way it's definitely embarrassing.) 

I've without a doubt racked up my fair share of lip products in my makeup collection, and I thought that I would test out a variety of different products against each other to see how they fair with some healthy competition. I narrowed it down to the three categories (that I usually take into account when purchasing any lip product): Most Transfer Proof, Most Pigmentation, and Best Formula (comfort-wise.)

Champagne Cupcakes

Last Thursday was my birthday and I was lucky enough to have the day off from work. I decided that, since I am a self-proclaimed champagne addict, I wanted to drink my champagne and eat it too. I also might be in denial of my participation in adulthood (pretty sure adults don't make deserts with bubbly) but that's besides the point. Of course, I went to good ol' Pinterest for inspiration and found Beth's recipe. It looked so simple that even a remedial baker like myself could attempt it.

5 Reasons to Visit Arkansas

This Summer has seriously been the summer of spontaneous trips. I don't think I planned any trip this summer, yet this year I traveled the most I have ever traveled (and apparently lost my ability to come up with any synonyms for the word travel.) One of the most underrated states I had the opportunity to visit (are you proud of me for not saying travel?), while moving my younger sister into college, was Arkansas.

Adios al Verano

This Labor Day was hands down the most relaxing and perfect weekend to end the summer season. My weekend was made up of spending quality time with close friends and taking a day trip to Austin.

Summer of 2016 Staples

We are in the last stretch of Summer and honestly I haven't been this sad to see a season go since Elementary School. Technically Summer ends in the middle of September, but since my mind associates school and my birthday with that month I'm already in pre-fall mode.


I recently read an article from the Huffington Post that really REALLY touched my heart. It put my self confidence issues and insecurities in perspective, big time. We live in a society that worships Snapchat filters and airbrushed "candid" selfies. Can't we all just go back to when the most treasured moments in our lives were captured with disposable cameras while half a cherry popsicle was dripping down our chin? 

Thank Goodness It's Frida(y)

Things I am currently thankful for: Wednesday's unexpected 60 second rain shower, the consequential lower temperatures (aka 98 degrees because Texas Summers are no joke) as a result of said miracle, Trader Joe's Espresso Pillows (seriously go look them up because I am almost considering quitting coffee for these bad boys - key word: almost), being able to take today off from work, and that we finally made it to Frida[y] (you see what I did there? No? Okay, I guess I'll explain.)

Local Music Week

We are officially in the first week of Summer and man do I believe it. You don't need a swimming pool when you're swimming in sweat (thnks fr th humidity, San Antonio), amiright?


Does anyone else feel like work weeks in the Summer are so strange? I'm still working Monday-Friday but sometimes it goes by slow, sometimes it goes by fast, and sometimes it's a mixture of the two. Also, there are so many holidays, long weekends, and vacations going on that my brain can't keep track of the days half the time. The only exception to this summertime insanity is that my brain always knows when it's Friday. What can I say? TGIF is in my blood. In honor of making it through yet another week, I will be participating in #FridayIntroductions by answering the Ten Things You Don't Know About Me tag

Stress Less

It is officially Summer and I am probably not the only one who didn't even realize it. First of all, it's already June, what the heck? Second of all, for the past two weeks it has been tsunami season in Texas so can you blame me for thinking summertime actually meant being able to see the sun? In my perfect world, Summer consists of bottomless margs and hours at the pool. Unfortunately, reality regularly reminds me that I do not in fact live in a fantasy world and that adulting never takes a vacay. 

Resolution Update

Happy Humpday! It is officially t-minus 2 days until the weekend, not that I'm counting the hours or anything. We are already at the end of May, can you believe it? It seems like it was just New Years' Eve and we were making our annual New Years' resolutions for the year. Since we are almost half way through 2016, I thought why not check in on the status of my resolutions/goals for the year? So, I am here to update you on how my goals are going and share a little surprise for you at the end of this post (so stay tuned!)

Motivation Station

We are in the age of the Millennials. Millennials who, myself included, are graduating from college, joining the work force, and teaching you about FOMO one do it for the gram post at a time. Another thing that practically all millennials can low key add to their resumes is: professional procrastinator. Key word: professional. 

Sunday Funday

I, for one, am a major advocate of "Sunday Funday" activities. I truly and wholeheartedly believe that there is nothing better than waking up at noon and enjoying a refreshing mimosa (or three) poolside with your friends. What we don't think about when we're living it up on Sunday, is sleeping through our alarms on Monday morning and skipping that crucial cup of caffeine and starting your week with a serious case of the Mondays. 

Petal Power

Prepare yourselves for an extremely predictable and cliche spring has sprung blog post. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, please admire the beauty that is Texas Tulips.