Resolution Update

Happy Humpday! It is officially t-minus 2 days until the weekend, not that I'm counting the hours or anything. We are already at the end of May, can you believe it? It seems like it was just New Years' Eve and we were making our annual New Years' resolutions for the year. Since we are almost half way through 2016, I thought why not check in on the status of my resolutions/goals for the year? So, I am here to update you on how my goals are going and share a little surprise for you at the end of this post (so stay tuned!)

Motivation Station

We are in the age of the Millennials. Millennials who, myself included, are graduating from college, joining the work force, and teaching you about FOMO one do it for the gram post at a time. Another thing that practically all millennials can low key add to their resumes is: professional procrastinator. Key word: professional. 

Sunday Funday

I, for one, am a major advocate of "Sunday Funday" activities. I truly and wholeheartedly believe that there is nothing better than waking up at noon and enjoying a refreshing mimosa (or three) poolside with your friends. What we don't think about when we're living it up on Sunday, is sleeping through our alarms on Monday morning and skipping that crucial cup of caffeine and starting your week with a serious case of the Mondays.