Local Music Week

We are officially in the first week of Summer and man do I believe it. You don't need a swimming pool when you're swimming in sweat (thnks fr th humidity, San Antonio), amiright?


Does anyone else feel like work weeks in the Summer are so strange? I'm still working Monday-Friday but sometimes it goes by slow, sometimes it goes by fast, and sometimes it's a mixture of the two. Also, there are so many holidays, long weekends, and vacations going on that my brain can't keep track of the days half the time. The only exception to this summertime insanity is that my brain always knows when it's Friday. What can I say? TGIF is in my blood. In honor of making it through yet another week, I will be participating in #FridayIntroductions by answering the Ten Things You Don't Know About Me tag

Stress Less

It is officially Summer and I am probably not the only one who didn't even realize it. First of all, it's already June, what the heck? Second of all, for the past two weeks it has been tsunami season in Texas so can you blame me for thinking summertime actually meant being able to see the sun? In my perfect world, Summer consists of bottomless margs and hours at the pool. Unfortunately, reality regularly reminds me that I do not in fact live in a fantasy world and that adulting never takes a vacay.