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June 23, 2016

We are officially in the first week of Summer and man do I believe it. You don't need a swimming pool when you're swimming in sweat (thnks fr th humidity, San Antonio), amiright?

But, the lovely South Texas weather isn't the only thing this summer has to offer. Last week San Antonio hosted its annual Local Music Week (LMW). This event is all about showcasing the local music in the city (shocking, right?) This week-long event is actually one of my favorite times of year because I wholeheartedly stand behind what this organization represents and strives to achieve. LMW is all about not only connecting the fans, venues, promoters, and musicians but also showing our community the local music scene, San Antonio style. Being so close to Austin, many of us (myself included) can forget about "San Antonio's rich and diverse local music community" and LMW puts a spotlight on that community but also uses this week to remind us all of our role in shaping that community.

Fortunately, I was able to go check out a few of last week's events and I'm sharing one of my favorites with you today. Near the end of the week, Southtown Vinyl (a new record store near downtown San Antonio) hosted an event that showcased various local indie-electronic artists and complimentary beverages (can you say slice of heaven?) Take a look at LMW through my eyes (or my lens) below.

I was just slightly obsessed with their windows (okay a little more than slightly, but Sriracha vinyl sleeves -- how could I not be?)

Also, complimentary drinks just taste better.

The reason that I absolutely LOVE this record store is their collection. They have current records, vintage records, basically records from every genre, and their pre-loved selection is incredible (you've basically died and gone to vinyl heaven.)

After seeing this record wall every time I walk into Southtown Vinyl, I now want one for myself. So, naturally, I took a million and one photos (for research purposes, of course.)

This was San Antonio's (and LMW's) first Beat Makers Showcase which was sponsored by Modelo USA and hosted by DJ Free Verse

This event showcased San Antonio producers: PROGENY (artists: Chisme and Ghost Palace), KIZER SOZE (artist: Dead the Poets), and BOMB SHELTER CREW (artists: Jacob Benavides and CAFE).

Southtown Vinyl also gets points for its prime location. The record store is located at 1010 S. Flores and is facing the beautiful Daniel Joseph Martinez text piece/mural. The only thing that could make this place absolutely perfect would be a parking lot, but that's a compromise I'm willing to make.

What are some of your favorite summer activities? What's your city's local music scene like?

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