July 26, 2016

I recently read an article from the Huffington Post that really REALLY touched my heart. It put my self confidence issues and insecurities in perspective, big time. We live in a society that worships Snapchat filters and airbrushed "candid" selfies. Can't we all just go back to when the most treasured moments in our lives were captured with disposable cameras while half a cherry popsicle was dripping down our chin? 

I, for one, will admit that I definitely am not comfortable in my own skin and I haven't been since I entered middle school. But, losing weight or clearing up my skin isn't going to change that. I will always nitpick my appearance and I'm not okay with that. I'm finally owning my insecurities and turning them into positives. This article opened my eyes in a big way. We are so focused on our appearances. We judge everyone and everything, subconsciously even. But, the most awful and critical judge is ourself. 

We are so worried about how we look in pictures that we fail to remember what pictures and photography once meant to us. For me, photography began with my mom. She was always snapping pictures since I was a baby. There is probably only one or two minuscule moments that she failed to capture. Pictures to me meant scrapbooks and laughing over my missing front tooth. They meant our family welcoming my baby sister into the world. They meant commemorating every first day of school from daycare to college. Now, my pictures seem to get lost in the harsh words floating inside my head. Yes, there are things I'm confident about. But, the negative things have been overshadowing them lately. 

I talk about changing my bad habits to healthier ones, but those bad habits aren't solely what I put into my body (they're also what I put out into the world.)

A close friend of mine once said, "We are taught that being "healthy" is just about diet and exercise, but so often we neglect the spiritual and mental aspect of life."

Starting today, I am going say yes to pictures of myself. I'm saying yes to family photos. Yes to precious moments on film. I'm saying yes to remembering my life in all its wonderful beauty (and not just how I wish it would look.) I'm saying yes to accepting my flaws. 

My advice to you is: the sooner you realize that there is more to life than commercialized vanity, the sooner the happy confident voices in your head will out number the negative ones. 

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