Champagne Cupcakes

Last Thursday was my birthday and I was lucky enough to have the day off from work. I decided that, since I am a self-proclaimed champagne addict, I wanted to drink my champagne and eat it too. I also might be in denial of my participation in adulthood (pretty sure adults don't make deserts with bubbly) but that's besides the point. Of course, I went to good ol' Pinterest for inspiration and found Beth's recipe. It looked so simple that even a remedial baker like myself could attempt it.

5 Reasons to Visit Arkansas

This Summer has seriously been the summer of spontaneous trips. I don't think I planned any trip this summer, yet this year I traveled the most I have ever traveled (and apparently lost my ability to come up with any synonyms for the word travel.) One of the most underrated states I had the opportunity to visit (are you proud of me for not saying travel?), while moving my younger sister into college, was Arkansas.

Adios al Verano

This Labor Day was hands down the most relaxing and perfect weekend to end the summer season. My weekend was made up of spending quality time with close friends and taking a day trip to Austin.