Make Art Great Again

In the five years that I have lived in San Antonio I have never been able to go to Chalk It Up. I almost thought that I wouldn't be able to check it out this year either (due to all of the random non-stop thunderstorms the day before.) Luckily, Saturday was 100% clear and perfect weather.

Kiss Test

I feel like the matte liquid lipstick trend is slowly on it's way out, but I will never retire my matte lippies. My favorite thing about liquid lipstick is that, for the most part. my teeth don't end up looking just as colorful as my lips. For awhile I even swore off lipstick because I am just not skilled in perfecting the ability to keep lipstick on my lips. It's such an awkward situation, sometimes people tell you that you have lipstick in your teeth and sometimes they don't (either way it's definitely embarrassing.) 

I've without a doubt racked up my fair share of lip products in my makeup collection, and I thought that I would test out a variety of different products against each other to see how they fair with some healthy competition. I narrowed it down to the three categories (that I usually take into account when purchasing any lip product): Most Transfer Proof, Most Pigmentation, and Best Formula (comfort-wise.)