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In the five years that I have lived in San Antonio I have never been able to go to Chalk It Up. I almost thought that I wouldn't be able to check it out this year either (due to all of the random non-stop thunderstorms the day before.) Luckily, Saturday was 100% clear and perfect weather.

Every year for the past 13 years, Artpace (a local artist-in-residence gallery) features dozens of artists and students creating essentially sidewalk murals and installations that stretch along the five blocks of historic Houston street. Chalk It Up (CIU) is made up of local emerging artists, food trucks, fundraising for educational programs in the art community, kid zone art-making activities, live music from DJ JJ Lopez, chalk-inspired yoga (courtesy of Mobile Om), and other cultural and art happenings.

This year's CIU took place on October 8th from 10 am - 4 pm and was definitely an incredible experience. As street festivals go, I haven't been to too too many, but as I looked through the balloon arches that framed the view of Houston street, I was in awe of the scene. 

One of my favorite moments of CIU, was seeing artist-in-residence, Emily Fleisher create a beautiful tiled mosaic piece from nothing other than her two hands and some sidewalk chalk.

Seeing a community come together to raise funds for the local arts and doing it while getting on their hands and knees to make art made me smile. I completely think that Artpace is making art great, again.

If you ever get the chance to check out CIU in future years, I highly recommend it (and next time I'm totally wearing clothes I don't mind getting all chalked up - not that it stopped me this year.) I would say that Artpace's goal of turning the heart of downtown San Antonio into a street-level gallery was a tremendous success.

{What are some of your favorite festivals?}

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I feel like the matte liquid lipstick trend is slowly on it's way out, but I will never retire my matte lippies. My favorite thing about liquid lipstick is that, for the most part. my teeth don't end up looking just as colorful as my lips. For awhile I even swore off lipstick because I am just not skilled in perfecting the ability to keep lipstick on my lips. It's such an awkward situation, sometimes people tell you that you have lipstick in your teeth and sometimes they don't (either way it's definitely embarrassing.) 

I've without a doubt racked up my fair share of lip products in my makeup collection, and I thought that I would test out a variety of different products against each other to see how they fair with some healthy competition. I narrowed it down to the three categories (that I usually take into account when purchasing any lip product): Most Transfer Proof, Most Pigmentation, and Best Formula (comfort-wise.)

This was definitely a tough decision in the end (since they all stood up pretty strong against each other.) Also, I completely underestimated how harsh testing out seven different liquid lipsticks would be on my poor lips.

I'll start out with the runners-up. The Milani liquid lip was definitely the most drying. I always forget how drying the formula can be until I put these on (but the colors in their line are just too beautiful for me to not use them.) The Lime Crime liquid lip isn't as drying as the Milani one but it's still up there. I put up with the dryness with the Lime Crime colors due to their range in beautiful lip products (but I HAVE to moisturize my lips hardcore before and after wearing.) I honestly thought that my Kat Von D liquid lip would've won as being most transfer proof (these are definitely my go-to lipsticks) but another contender ended up being a bit of an underdog in that category. I absolutely love the Nyx Lip Lingerie collection (for the formula and the range of neutrals) but it also tends to emphasize my dryness whenever I have more chapped lips.

The obvious winner (which I completely underestimated) of the Most Transfer Proof category is (drumroll) the Maybelline liquid lip. I had never tried this product before (I was sent this product from Influenster in exchange for my honest review, and as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own) but I was pleasantly surprised. I usually don't expect very good results from drugstore liquid lipsticks (that sounded kind of snobby but honestly in general they don't deliver the same results as higher end lip products.) First you apply the color and wait a couple of minutes for it dry a little and then you apply the sealing gloss. I know that LipSense has this same process/technology but I have been hesitant to try them because of the price tag. After I applied the gloss and waited about 30 seconds, I kissed the paper and there was absolutely NO TRANSFER! I was amazed and honestly the finish and comfort level were on par with so many of my holy grail liquid lipsticks (you go Glen Coco.)

The winner of the Most Pigmented category is the Too Faced liquid lip. I've been very in to bright colors on my lips but it is always so hard to find a bright color that isn't streaky or needs a million layers of product on your lips. This blue is so flattering (IMO) and you literally only need one application to get the full color and intensity. In general, I'm a huge fan of the Too Faced Melted Matte collection. If I could, I would own every color.

 The final winner of the Best Formula category is the Ofra liquid lip. The formula in this product is so unique, I have nothing else like it. Ofra's formula is more moussey and SO COMFORTABLE. This liquid lip does transfer a little but this is the ONLY matte lip product that I can wear without feeling like my dryness is under a magnifying glass. Also, I love this color (shout out to Kathleen) it's such a perfect terracotta.

{What are some of your favorite lip products?}

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