Sip Local

Starbucks is definitely convenient and dependable but when you're in the mood to venture out of your Triple Venti Half Sweet Non-Fat Caramel Macchiato bubble you should definitely check out local coffee shops. About a year ago, I looked up a list of all of the local coffee shops in San Antonio (in hopes of producing a massive blog post) and let me tell you, there's more than a handful. I attempted to cross each one off of my list, and I made it through the majority of the coffee shops over the course of multiple weekends. I came out of that adventure over-caffeinated and ready to talk about my top 3.

One Person's Pumpkin is Another Person's Centerpiece

I am definitely in denial that Halloween is over and you would think that having to throw away my jack-o-lanterns would bring me back to reality. Nope. 

Okay, so obviously Halloween is over and everyone and everywhere is on board the Christmas train (which I don't totally mind.) But, if you're like me and want to hold on to your pumpkins for just a little bit longer check out this pumpkin DIY (inspired by May Designs.)

Apple of my Eye

Here in good ole Texas we are barely experiencing our version of Fall (if you can call 92 degrees Fall...) So, in the spirit of delayed seasons, I thought it would be fairly appropriate to share my quick trip to the Apple Capital of Texas: Medina.

Cocktails and Calendars

Last week I got the opportunity to celebrate one of my favorite brands, May Designs, and their launch of their line with Blue Sky Planners at Target. Seriously, nothing makes me happier than watching a local Texas brand with so much heart make it to the big time!

Southtown Vinyl Happy Hour Sessions: AMEA

Lately I've been pretty MIA as far as blogging goes but I'm officially back in action! Last week was Free Week SA: Summer Camp and I made it to the Southtown Vinyl Happy Hour event with local R&B artist, AMEA.

San Antonio Skylines

One of my favorite places in San Antonio is the Hays Street Bridge, for a few reasons. One: you have a perfect view of the city's skyline. Two: it usually isn't that crowded (especially compared to downtown.) Three: its next door neighbor is Alamo Beer (so you can enjoy the beauty of the bridge and its surroundings and then refresh with some classic Alamo Ale. In my opinion, there really isn't a better combo than that.)

The Future is Female

I have been borderline obsessed with Create & Cultivate for quite some time now. So, when I found out they would be putting on a one day version of their phenomenal conferences at their SXSW pop-up event I clicked RSVP in .01 seconds. After reading about their line-up and sponsors for this year's event I became officially obsessed with this incredible company. 

Hiking in Helotes

I'm 110% on board with this relatively recent hiking trend and fully support anyone who wants to hang out with me in a state park. Last weekend's hiking destination was at the Government Canyon State Natural Area in Helotes, TX (just outside of San Antonio.) I was extremely pumped to go hiking here because I heard that there were dinosaur tracks on one of the trails. Unfortunately, the tracks were primarily under water, but that definitely didn't take away from the beautiful scenery. Enjoy some snapshots from my day in Helotes below!

February in Texas

Today is February 13th, 2017 and I would like the record to show that it is currently 78 degrees outside. Honestly, I'm thankful for this gorgeous weather but on the other hand I wouldn't mind the temperature dropping below 60 every once in a while. These past weekends the weather was no different, and I took full advantage of it. Enjoy yet another beautiful session with Karissa!

Sundays and Succulents

This past weekend I rediscovered the San Antonio Botanical Garden. The last time I visited was a few years ago and it was raining (but still stunning.) Three years later and the forecast was identical. Luckily, the rain stopped just in time for a quick shoot on Sunday with the amazing Haley. Unfortunately, the roses weren't in bloom but the other greenery was beyond beautiful.

Self Care is Important

One of my resolutions that I've been trying to work on for the past couple of years is making time for myself. I especially have been trying to treat myself to a relaxing evening (usually during the weekend) of self care at least once a month and it has really helped me start the following week feeling fresh.

Farmer's Markets and State Parks

This past Saturday was the seventh annual Jammin' Jams Fruit and Nut Tree Adoption at The Pearl. Basically, every year the City of San Antonio's Parks and Recreation department gives away trees to whoever shows up. Unfortunately, I arrived too late and all of the trees were gone. But, I stayed for the weekly farmer's market, which was so incredible. I had always wanted to check it out but never got around to it.

Golden Hour Coffee Break

Happy Friday, everyone! I've been seriously struggling today. I started actually trying the workouts that I pin and let me tell you, it's been brutal. I tried this seemingly simple arm workout this week and my arms are so sore I cry a little inside everytime I bend them. But, other than being stupid sore and alternating between green tea and black coffee for my recent meals (kidding, kind of) I did a mini-shoot with Karissa! We went to The Pearl at golden hour yesterday and I'm pretty much obsessed with how it turned out. 

Sister Weekend

I seriously cannot believe how fast the holidays blew by (and 2016 in general.) I have so many questions: number one, how are we already in 2017? Number two, why does Texas never have winter for more than one weekend? Besides my not posting for THREE MONTHS, I have had a pretty incredible holiday season. I was able to go to Dallas for Christmas and spent the beginning of the new year going to as many state parks as I could (hiking is my new obsession and most serious resolution.) I was also able to spend this past holiday weekend with my youngest sister, Meg. At the end of my visit, I dragged her and our dog, Bear (who was a horrible assistant but so cute) out for a 15 minute shoot.  

The first thing I want to point out is how freaking gorgeous are her eyes? Like so unreal. Blue eyes run in my family, but Meg has always had the bluest eyes.