Self Care is Important

February 6, 2017

One of my resolutions that I've been trying to work on for the past couple of years is making time for myself. I especially have been trying to treat myself to a relaxing evening (usually during the weekend) of self care at least once a month and it has really helped me start the following week feeling fresh.

My typical DIY spa-type night usually consists of pampering myself through my hair, skin, and candles. Check out some of my favorite products below!

I've recently been obsessed with anything and everything skin related, so my first go-to self-care item isn't really surprising. 

This mask is so relaxing! I usually use this when I've been extremely stressed because of it's cooling nature. It's also vegan and cruelty free so it's a win win win in my book! I'm also at the point where I'm scraping the last of it off the bottom, so it's definitely time for me to repurchase.

After washing my face with cold water I like to use these old faithfuls. These are by no means new to basically anyone, including myself, but I always go back to Biore nose strips. Because who doesn't love ripping a strip off of your nose?

I have over-the-top oily skin and I know it gets worse when I don't moisturize (which I do religiously) but I still never thought facial oil was for me. THIS OIL THOUGH. I don't know what exactly is in this but it absorbs into my skin super quick and there is absolutely 0% grease factor (aka safe for oily skin.) Also, the dropper and packaging makes me feel super posh and fancy whenever I use it (so that's a major plus in my opinion.)

This little heaven sent bit of goodness only recently entered my pamper routine but let me tell you, this stuff is so incredible! I'm pretty much sold on anything with green tea in the name but this cream is so good if you need something that will absorb fast and keep up with the recent insanely bipolar Texas weather. I also love that I can cover my entire face with such a small amount of this product. 

I am well aware that we are well into Winter (technically) but I keep burning this fall-scented candle whenever I want to really relax (along with my Stress Relief candle.) It just makes any room feel cozier? If that makes any sense. Also the fact that it's handmade is so adorable (in addition to the mason jar packaging #aesthetic.) Serious question: where can I learn to make my own candles?

When I really have some extra time, which isn't very often, I like to do a hair mask. I have tons of samples of hair masks, but my hair is insane thick and long so those don't usually cut it (or I just put them on my ends.) Lately, the weather has been making my hair be even frizzier and knotted than usual so I have been wanting to try a new hair mask. Influenster had sent me the entire L'Oreal Color Vibrancy Intensive line and I had been pleasantly surprised at how much I loved the shampoo and conditioner. I say surprised not because this is a more high-street brand but because 1. I don't color my hair and 2. when I did color my hair I think I had tried a color protecting shampoo/conditioner from Garnier and wasn't very impressed. I decided to give this mask a try and my hair is SO SOFT. It didn't really do anything for my frizz, but I'm at the point where I doubt anything would help. My hair just has more life (it even brought out my red hair - from over 1.5 years ago!)

Leave me a comment below and let me know some ways you treat yo self!

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