San Antonio Skylines

March 31, 2017

One of my favorite places in San Antonio is the Hays Street Bridge, for a few reasons. One: you have a perfect view of the city's skyline. Two: it usually isn't that crowded (especially compared to downtown.) Three: its next door neighbor is Alamo Beer (so you can enjoy the beauty of the bridge and its surroundings and then refresh with some classic Alamo Ale. In my opinion, there really isn't a better combo than that.) Even though it has been unseasonably warm and the rain has been crazy unpredictable, I was able to sneak in a shoot with local blogger, Daresha. These pictures definitely reminded me why I love San Antonio so much (and it didn't hurt that Daresha was basically radiating beauty.) I honestly feel like the countdown city can sometimes get a bad rap but once you really take the time to explore and discover just a few of San Antonio's hidden gems, it'll be hard not to fall in love with the city I call home.

What are some of the places/things that made you fall in love with your city?

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  1. I loved working with you. Your work is amazing and I can't wait to shoot with you in the future !


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