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March 15, 2017

I have been borderline obsessed with Create & Cultivate for quite some time now. So, when I found out they would be putting on a one day version of their phenomenal conferences at their SXSW pop-up event I clicked RSVP in .01 seconds. After reading about their line-up and sponsors for this year's event I became officially obsessed with this incredible company.

If you aren't familiar with Create & Cultivate, they are an organization who caters to women in business and puts on amazing conferences across the country with the sole purpose of connecting and educating females in the workplace (whether you work for a company or are looking to start your own.) Their official mission statement is, "Create & Cultivate is a movement for women looking to create & cultivate the career of their dreams." Which is most definitely something that I can get behind 200%.

After waking up at 4:30 in the morning (which was really 3:30 thanks to Daylight Savings), we drove to Austin with breakfast tacos and Starbucks in tow. I'm pretty sure this is the only time that I've experienced absolutely zero traffic on i35 (even the Google Maps route was blue from start to finish, can you say goals?)

Once we got there we found the location (which was super adorable and gave me major Palm Springs/succulent garden vibes) pretty easily. Even though we got there early there was a long line of creative individuals. Can I also say that it was 47 degrees basically all day so I definitely was not prepared for that with my thin Texas sweater and leather jacket.

Once we got inside, my DIY/right-brained heart exploded. I knew who the majority of sponsors and vendors were before hand but everything was just so, for lack of a better term, Pinterest-y.

UrbanStems had set-up a braid bar where you could get different flowers braided into your hair. That was definitely my first stop.

One of my favorite brands of all time, May Designs - located in Austin, had the most adorable booth (complete with a record player, notebooks, and their own champagne collaboration.) May Designs goes hard or goes home (even though their home is probably not too far.)

Speaking of beverages, that was most definitely something that was not lacking at this event. From the Crown Royal bar to the Livestrong Juice station to the La Croix booth, you could quench your thirst in style.

Although there was much more alcoholic options then food, in true ATX/SXSW fashion, we did not go hungry. We got to try Hormel snacks, Luna bars, Impossible burgers (which were plant-based and so unbelievably good), champagne truffles, and DIY Noosa Yoghurt parfaits from the yoghurt bar.

There were so many amazing brands and activities at the event, we could barely keep up. There were Henna stations, necklace making booths, photobooths, Chi readings, the option to nap on a sleep number bed, and so many different vendors to choose from.

Create & Cultivate was so over-prepared that they had umbrellas at the ready when birds started to poop on the audience.

This event still has me feeling incredibly motivated and just proud of the creative and entrepreneurial community in general. Even though, this mini-conference was only one day long, I got the opportunity to talk to so many inspirational women and learned so much about not only being a confident woman in the business world but also about myself and what my passions are. The talks hit every single point that popped into my head, it was as if I was actually having a one-on-one conversation with these impactful individuals but with the additional input of the brilliant minds of the people surrounding me. I've never experienced a more nurturing and supportive environment, and it gave me so much hope for my future and the future of women in general. From bloggers and CEO's to entrepreneurs and online personalities, the amount of wisdom and innovation at this pop-up was astounding.

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