Southtown Vinyl Happy Hour Sessions: AMEA

July 29, 2017

Lately I've been pretty MIA as far as blogging goes but I'm officially back in action! Last week was Free Week SA: Summer Camp and I made it to the Southtown Vinyl Happy Hour event with local R&B artist, AMEA. I had never heard her music before but she definitely blew me away (it's also a little crazy that she's from the town I grew up in and even graduated from the same high school!) She definitely has a unique feel about her and those vocals! Seriously magical.

These next couple of shots turned out blurry but I had to include them because good moments aren't always in focus, amiright?

AMEA is actually an acronym for her full name, Ayanna Moriah-Eliza Allen. She starts her 2017 tour this July and her EP, Baggage Claim, is currently available for your listening pleasure. Which I highly recommend.

Who are some of your favorite local artists?

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