Holiday Rewind: Thanksgiving 2017

November 27, 2017

This was the first year that all of my sisters weren't living at home, in Dallas, so this Thanksgiving was a little extra special. About a month prior to the holiday, my sisters and I decided to register to run a 5k at the North Texas Turkey Trot. The weather in Texas has been extremely unpredictable lately and Thanksgiving was no different. When we left for the race, the temperature was in the low 30's which ended up being the perfect weather to run in. When we arrived at the Turkey Trot we felt super out of place since we left our turkey outfits and adorable puppies at home! In typical Jennifer fashion, I got turned around (somehow) and accidentally ran a 10k instead. But, all in all it was so great to run with my sisters over Thanksgiving and running a 10k made me think about training for even longer races!

This year's menu consisted of the usual dishes but also a ton of desserts (no complaints here)! My youngest sister, Meg, is an expert baker so we ended up with a variety of pies, brownies and cakes.

The pumpkin pie bars and the pumpkin coffee cake were completely vegan and huge hits in my dairy-loving family! One of my favorite things that I added to our dinner were these print-outs. The name tags were so adorable, but what I really enjoyed were the gratitude cards! Writing down what we were all thankful for and sharing them with the rest of the table was such a great idea (and hopefully a new tradition.) Also, my mom made the most amazing butternut squash soup that I wish I could live off of.

The one tradition that we never neglect is taking our annual Christmas card picture. This year we took pictures at a local nature preserve and had a picnic with Thanksgiving leftovers afterwards.

Let me know in the comments if you have any special traditions that you and your family do for the holidays!

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