Fake it Till You Make it

November 15, 2017

This coming January will be the two year anniversary of me taking fitness and being healthy seriously. Something that my friends and family ask me a lot is how do you stay motivated and the simple answer is I don't (hence the title.) I usually go to the gym or run outside 5-6 times a week and some days are easier than others. Sometimes I have to trick myself into jumping on that motivation train. If you're like me and need a little extra push every now and then, check out some of the tips I use below!

1. MyFitnessPal
When I first started getting back into a regular fitness and health routine, the MyFitnessPal app was my best friend. It really helped me realize what I was putting into my body and it was super user friendly. Currently, I still use it to track my overall progress and occasionally my meals. I usually just eat intuitively, but when I feel like I haven't been eating as healthy as I should be, I use the meal tracker to get back on track. Also, physically putting in my food intake and exercise is a great motivator for me because I am such a visual person.

2. Drink More Water
So many people are always saying the cure to any problem you may have is to drink more water. I don't necessarily believe that, but drinking more water does make me feel more awake and less likely to skip my workouts. Also, the water bottle that is attached to my hip is this one, and it keeps my water cold forever!

3. New Gym Clothes
I am never opposed to adding more items to my collection of activewear. If I have been feeling discouraged or unmotivated to work out, buying a new pair of leggings or shirt definitely gets me excited to get my butt to the gym. It may sound superficial, but it works for me and that's what counts!

I usually check out Marshalls or TJ Maxx for active wear (those stores are seriously addicting, beware), but I have also included a few of my favorites linked above.

4. Instagram Inspo
Another way I will trick myself into getting motivated is watching other motivated people. I usually do this when I miss my morning workout and have to push it until after work. I will usually look up a fitness hashtag on Instagram (or go to fitness accounts who post daily on their stories.) Seeing others go after their fitness goals and staying accountable usually gives me the inspiration to do the same.

5. Gym Buddy
Accountability is the biggest motivation, in my opinion. Having a workout partner is the best way to stick to your goals. In a perfect world, our gym buddies would be on the exact same schedule as we are, but life gets crazy sometimes. The second best thing, in terms of accountability, is social media. You can use social media to post when you workout, your progress, your meals, etc. If you don't feel comfortable having your friends and family see your accountability or fitness posts, you can create a separate account.

6. Planning and Goals
I am a huge believer in planning. I live by my planner and every week I sit down and plan out my workouts for the next week. I do this weekly because my schedule is never set in stone. I also like to pack my gym bag the night before, that way even if I snooze my alarm I can grab my bag and head to the gym right after work.

Let me know in the comments what are some of your tips for staying motivated!

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