Holiday Gift Guide: for the Flower Child

December 18, 2017

If you have someone on your holiday list who is more of a free spirit and is happiest outdoors, it can be a little tough to think of a gift that they will enjoy. I have a few boho babes in my life, so I put together a quick gift guide with some products that they would love!

1. This cookbook has it all: incredible food, beautiful images and intriguing stories.
2. The perfect gift for a flower child? Flowers, or in this case succulents!
3. Even I believe what essential oils are selling. Cure your cold? Help you sleep? Give you purpose? Sign me up!
4. This indoor herb kit is the perfect gift for someone interested in natural living but who is confined to a dorm or an apartment setting.
5. If you know someone who lives their life based on when their next cup of tea will be, this cordless tea kettle is ideal for them!
6. I feel like record players are universally a great gift, but especially for someone who enjoys a more vintage style. This record player has an old school look and is amazing quality!
7. Salads are just more fun when the salad bowl comes with hands, right?
8. These garden seeds are non GMO, easy to grow and include 15 different varieties of heirloom vegetables.
9. A candle is a great gift for anyone this time of year, but this beeswax candle is ideal for anyone interested in an organic product that helps with allergies and cleans your air!

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