DIY Conversation Heart Earrings

February 12, 2018

This Valentine’s Day, I found myself reminiscing on the years when February 14th meant choosing a valentine's variety pack for 32 of your closest friends and bringing home a box filled with conversation hearts and chocolates. Since February 14th falls on a Wednesday this year, what better way to relive your crafty childhood and brighten your week day than this super simple 3 step DIY?

These cute and creative earrings were inspired by Homemade Ginger's blog post and were the perfect idea for Galentine's party favors or a little DIY treat yo self to get through the week. One of the best tips from her post was to buy the Sweetart brand conversation hearts. They work the best for this type of craft due to the engraved lettering on each candy. It also doesn't hurt that the leftovers don't taste like chalk.


Determine the amount of earrings you want to make and set aside the right number of conversation hearts. Apply a couple coats of spray paint to each side of the hearts and let dry.

If you notice that the gold paint comes off easily, apply some Mod Podge (as a sealant.)

After the paint and Mod Podge have dried, the only thing left to do is to attach the earring posts with super glue.

Once your glue has dried, you are now the proud owner of gold conversation heart  earrings!

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