6 Ideas for Self Care Sunday

March 4, 2018

Lately I have been so proud of myself for staying on top of working out, eating healthy, and upping my work ethic in general. One thing that I ALWAYS neglect when I am trying to stay productive and healthy is taking the time to recharge. 

Taking care of yourself is definitely not restricted to your outer needs. Sometimes we need to take the time to stop and reset. This year has reminded me the importance of being in tune with myself and really listening to my body. When I'm feeling out of balance mentally, chances are, other areas of my life tend to suffer. In my experience, simple is better when it comes to resetting my energy and practicing self care. I've listed some of my go-to's for when I need to relax and unwind after a stressful day, week or month. Let me know some of your favorite ways to practice self care in the comments!

1. Facial Cleanse

Whenever I'm feeling stressed or over whelmed the one thing that calms me is washing my face. As simple as it sounds, life is better with a freshly cleansed face. Recently, I received a new face wash and day cream from Influenster and I was pleasantly surprised. My skin type has changed from oily to dry and I've been searching for new products to come to my aid. Going from all things matte to give me dewy skin all day every day is still an adjustment, to be quite honest. This face wash is super refreshing and plays nice with my dry skin. I can't get enough of this day cream, it gives me the perfect amount of moisture and works perfectly under my make up.

2. Herbal Remedy

Recently, I have been drinking tea like it's going out of style. I'm a firm believer that there is rarely a problem that a good cup of tea can't fix. Sometimes the smallest things can bring the most happiness when you make them a priority.

3. Mask It Up

Does anyone else feel like your home is a spa when you're wearing a face mask? I love all kinds of face masks. They definitely do the trick, if you want to feel like you've hit the reset button. Currently, I am really loving this rose face mask and this soothing sheet mask with aloe.

4. Candle Therapy

Nothing can compare to the relaxation I feel when my home is filled with the scents of my favorite candles. I have finally parted ways with my holiday scents and am bringing out the Spring candles. This one from Target is my go-to right now.

5. Jot It Down

Possibly my favorite way to unwind and recharge is to journal. Seeing my thoughts on paper keeps me inspired and ready to take on whatever the world throws my way. It also tends to calm whatever worries I may have floating around in my head.

6. Music to my Ears

Whether you prefer to play your tunes via bluetooth speakers, headphones or (my personal favorite) vinyl records on a turntable, most everyone can agree that music has a calming effect like nothing else. Music has been my preferred method of escape since the days of dancing in my room to the sounds of my favorite cassette tapes.

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