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Thanks for visiting Feather and Steele, an every day lifestyle blog run by me, Jennifer Adams. With each and every post, I aim to live up to the meaning behind the name (Feather and Steele.) This blog combines the lighthearted and adventurous aspects of feathers, with the spontaneous and down to earth spirit of my Steele family roots. The goal of Feather and Steele is to bring practical tips and tidbits to your every day life from a relatable point of view.

Throughout my life, I have always been drawn to my creative side and that is how Feather and Steele began. This blog was a way to document my life, through my two greatest passions: writing and creating. From DIY projects and current favorite recipes to travel photography and wellness tips, you can find it all at Feather and Steele.

I am always thankful to have the opportunity to share a little part of my world, and in turn, love it when you share yours! Don't be a stranger and let me know if you are new here by reaching out in the comments or via my contact page. Thanks for stopping by, why don't you take off your coat and stay a while?

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